About The Author


Hi my name is Scott Gray. I am a freelance writer and web site publisher. Back in 1997 I was diagnosed with a medical condition that would not allow me to continue my mechanical career. I am a commercial transport mechanic by trade and this heavy type of work was not recommended by my doctors so I new that I would need to find some other way of supporting my family. In March 2004 I launched my web site publishing career and have never looked back.

As the Internet and computers grew I found myself having an interest in how they work, the information and the benefits they can have on peoples lives. One thing that discouraged me was the lack of quality informational web sites.

With my interest in the Internet I said to myself that this might be a great opportunity for me to help people find information they are looking for without spending hours looking for it. That’s when I decide to create quality informational web sites on wide range of topics that I have interest in.

I have an interest in home improvement and gardening thats why I decided to build a web site on planter and container gardening. Gardening with planters can be a very exciting thing to do. Watching you garden grow is a fun and it gives you something to look forward to. I would like to pass on my experiences to you and knowledge.

I hope you find the site informational and helpful.