How to Choose a Garden Hose Nozzle


A garden hose nozzle is a basic piece of gardening equipment that you probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about until you need to go out and buy one. When you do need to purchase or replace a nozzle, you may be bewildered by the incredible selection of different styles and materials for something that seemed so straightforward (before you got to the store).

A garden hose spray nozzle can be pistol-shaped, round, cylindrical, or some other creative configuration or combination of shapes. Nozzles are made of plastic or brass, or they can be constructed of aluminum or can be made up of multiple materials. The shape and construction material you choose for your nozzle depends on your taste and on how often you use it and where.

Price should not be your main consideration. Choose a nozzle that will last and meet your needs, not one that costs the least money. If you go for the cheapest item you can find, you can be certain you will be replacing it on a regular basis, and that’s no the kind of shopping that anyone especially enjoys.

Lots people like to use a pistol shaped garden hose nozzle because they are fun and easy to hold while standing in the yard watering a garden or a lawn. The trigger on the nozzle adjusts the strength of the spray, and such nozzles generally have a plastic dial on the end that can be turned to adjust the pattern of the spray.

Pistol shaped nozzles are most often constructed of aluminum or plastic or both, and tend to be intermediately priced. Look for a name brand, not a knock off. Pistol shaped nozzles have lots of moving parts (relative to their size and function) and the more moving parts involved in any piece of equipment, the greater the chance a part will break or wear out. So quality is especially important with these kinds of nozzles.

A more classic choice is the brass cylindrical garden hose nozzle. These nozzles last forever and are very heavy. To change the spray pattern on a brass nozzle, you twist the end of it. If you twist the end as far as it will go you will get either a very fine spray, or, if you twist it the other way, you turn off the flow completely. These types of nozzles have been around for decades, are simple to use, work well, and can last a lifetime.

If you do a lot of close watering, a round garden hose nozzle might be best. Round nozzles tend to be made of plastic, but you can find aluminum and/or aluminum with plastic construction too. The advantage of this type of round nozzles is that they tend to feature lots of fine spray options, and that’s perfect for close or short range watering. Because round nozzles are frequently made of plastic, you may want to bring them inside during the winter to prolong their lifespan.

Whichever nozzle you choose, look for one with a convenient shut off feature (so you don’t have to shut off the water at the faucet), and look for a name brand garden hose nozzle with as few moving parts as possible. Check out some of the more popular comparison shopping web sites before you buy to get a sense of what types of nozzles are available and what they currently cost.

Then, select the garden nozzle that is right for you and go out and water your yard and relax, knowing you’ve made a choice that will last season after season.

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