Best Rain Barrels for Sale Online


A good rain barrel or rain barrel system can save the average household hundreds of dollars in water bills over the course of a gardening season. Rain barrels for sale online are easy to find and make browsing for the right one easy and fun. Landscape retailers, gardening blogs, and conservation web sites that sell rain barrels make it simple to find and buy a rain barrel that is perfect for your specific gardening needs.

Why buy a rain barrel?

A rain barrel or system of barrels is designed to make productive use of rain water that runs off your roof and would otherwise be wasted. Rain barrels sold online are typically closed on top and have hose attachments at the bottom for distributing the water.

A closed rain barrel prevents evaporation and insect infestation (for instance mosquitos often breed in the bottoms of open barrels), and also makes it easy for you to use the water and get it to your garden without toting a pail or a watering can.

Most commercially-made rain barrels are constructed out of PVC plastic or lightweight metal. Some are collapsible, making them easy to store. Others look like huge agricultural storage tanks. Which kind of barrel you choose depends on your personal situation and the space you have available.

Some rain barrel systems can even recycle ‘grey water’; the water left over from dishwashing, bathing, and laundry that would normally be discarded down the drain. Soap residue is not harmful to plants, and in fact mild soap is frequently used as a natural insecticide, so both rain water and grey water are perfectly acceptable for garden use.

In parts of the country where water is scarce, summer often brings regular restrictions on water use, especially for lawns and gardens. In these arid locales, owning and using a rain barrel can mean the difference between successful gardening and gardening frustration.

To buy a rain barrel online, first take stock of how big a rain barrel you will need and how many barrels you can neatly fit around your house. A full 55 gallon barrel will water a 4 by 10 foot garden plot for a week, so if you have a large garden you may need a larger unit or even a system of multiple units.

Some rain barrels are stackable, allowing you to store as much as possible in order to water a large area without taking up precious space needed for the plants themselves. Other barrels can store as much as 240 gallons at one time, yet are lightweight enough to be shipped affordably.

When choosing a rain barrel online make sure you factor the shipping costs (if any) into your budget, and look for a site with a secure checkout so you can make a credit card payment without worry. It’s best to use a credit card rather than a debit card, since in the event of a problem you will more easily be able to stop payment.

Some merchants have retail outlets and online ordering too, so if you’d rather pick up your barrel in person, look for a store that sells online but has a local pick up option.

Also, always check the web site’s terms for exchanges and returns. You want to make sure you are buying from a merchant who will make things right if your rain barrel arrives damaged, or if it is not what you had in mind once you see it in person.

A warning: Once you get used to shopping and buying garden products online, the process does become addictive. Online shopping allows you to find almost anything you could possibly need or want for your garden at a price you feel good about paying. Whether you are looking to buy a rain barrel or just looking for the fun of it, online shopping is a great way to get what you actually need and learn about new products as they hit the market.

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