How To Make A Tire Planter – For A Garden That Won’t Go Flat!


Tire planters are a great choice for any gardener that wants to give their yard an old-fashioned feeling. If you’re looking to rev up your garden by learning how to make a tire planter, we’ve got all of the information that you need.

Making Your Own Tire Planter
The first thing that you need to make a tire planter is a tire. A lot of car garages will give you used tires for free or for a small charge. This is an excellent place to get the tire for your planter, because it needs to be worn and flexible to convert it into a planter.

You’ll need to remove any leftover air from the tire. Next, you’ll need to turn the tire inside out. You can do this by planting your foot on the bottom and pulling at the top from the far side. Next, place your other foot on the tire and hold down the flattened edge at the bottom with this foot. Now, push the tire over and pull from the opposite side. If your tire is soft enough, it should turn inside out fairly easily. Believe it or not, that’s all it takes!

Your tire is now ready to be used as a planter. If you’re using several of these planters in your garden, make sure to leave about half an inch between the tires. Fill this gap with soil and you can plant a complement to your beds here. Many people will want to paint the rubber to make it coordinate with their garden. Some tire gardeners even shape their tires into designs – such as petals. These painted tires make lovely patio planters as well.

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