Deck Rail Planters – Brighten Up Your Deck


Deck rail planters are the perfect way to add a little pizzazz to your boring deck rails.  These planters are available in many different materials and styles, and are the perfect planter for a multitude of garden plants.

Your Choices

Choices regarding your style of rail planter box should always be made with the overall style of your garden in mind. If you have, or are planning to build, a sanded deck of white pine then you will not wish to combine this with rustic old world themed planter boxes. Ideally, also, the deck planters you choose for your railings should complement the planters you have in the rest of the garden. If you have whiskey barrel garden planters in the main garden, it is best not to choose brushed aluminum planters for your rails.

Planters made from resin, fiberglass and also plastic planters are perhaps the most ideal choice of material for your railings.  These are quite light but also very durable. Many garden planters are made of PVC and not only are these extremely low maintenance, but they also have a special UV covering which helps to protect them in harsh weather.

Railing planters come with handy instructions for how to best attach them and can be planted with a wide range of flowers and trailing plants. For something a little different, try planting your planters with strawberries, tomatoes or salad herbs such as basil or oregano.

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