Strawberry Planters – Don’t Let This Delicious Fruit Take Over Your Garden


Strawberry planters are the ideal way to grow strawberries.  These planters help to prevent your strawberry plant from running riot over your garden. Available in all shapes and sizes these planters ensure you are able to have the best of both worlds – a beautiful strawberry crop and a well-maintained garden.

Planting Strawberries In Your Garden

There are obviously other ways to contain your rampant strawberries, ranging from methods your grandparents may have used, such as planting in an old iron bath to having the crop planted in a walled area.  These unfortunately can be eyesores in a modern garden.

If you are planning to create a cottage or farm style garden, then make sure a strawberry planters are on your shopping list.  These are a great way to add the finishing touches to your garden and will also provide you with mouth watering fruit to enjoy during those warm summer months.

When you go to buy a strawberry planter you will find a wide range to choose from.  Ceramic planters, such as large ceramic planter boxes are an ideal container and will each hold several strawberry plants.

A more decorative approach to growing your strawberries is using a tiered arrangement of different sized strawberry jars. Strawberry jars are ceramic planters shaped like a wide mouthed jar.  They have large holes through which the trailing plant and fruit can grow. With these you don’t have to worry about weeding either and the effect attained from multiple jars looks great in any garden.

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