Wishing Well Planters – Add Some Vintage Style


Wishing well planters make a great addition to any vintage garden design plans. There are many sizes and styles available, whether you are seeking a small ornamental style wishing well with a container, or a large planter complete with water feature, planter boxes, and benches attached, you will find there are a multitude of designs avaliable.

Creating Your Own Wishing Well

Wooden planters in the shape of wishing wells are also available as lawn ornaments and are even small enough to add a touch of vintage décor to your outside table. If you are choosing a garden planter for your garden, then why not make your wishing well seem like the real mccoy. This is easy to accomplish, simply split the container of your wishing well and have one section planted with flowers and trailing plants, with the other section holding a small bubbling water feature. The humidity of the water will be good for your plants in the summer, and any children will be delighted at the thought that their wishes may be granted for the odd coin they throw in.

Although at first you might think of a wishing well planter as always being wooden but designs for metal planters are also available. A metal planter, such as one made of galvanized steel could add a contemporary twist to the classic wishing well look. Choosing a verdigris option provides the same vintage feel as the wooden version, but adds an extra decorative touch.

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