Wishing Well Planters – Add Some Vintage Style

Wishing well planters make a great addition to any vintage garden design plans. There are many sizes and styles available, whether you are seeking a small ornamental style wishing well with a container, or a large planter complete with water feature, planter boxes, and benches attached, you will find there are a multitude of designs avaliable.

Creating Your Own Wishing Well

Wooden planters in the shape of wishing wells are also available as lawn ornaments and are even small enough to add a touch of vintage décor to your outside table. If you are choosing a garden planter for your garden, then why not make your wishing well seem like the real mccoy. This is easy to accomplish, simply split the container of your wishing well and have one section planted with flowers and trailing plants, with the other section holding a small bubbling water feature. The humidity of the water will be good for your plants in the summer, and any children will be delighted at the thought that their wishes may be granted for the odd coin they throw in.

Although at first you might think of a wishing well planter as always being wooden but designs for metal planters are also available. A metal planter, such as one made of galvanized steel could add a contemporary twist to the classic wishing well look. Choosing a verdigris option provides the same vintage feel as the wooden version, but adds an extra decorative touch.

Window Box Planters – Improve The Look And Your View

Window box planters are different than most planters, because they can actually improve the outside appearance of your home. By adding a planter to the outside of your home, you can add color and beauty to its appearance.

A Window of Opportunity

The kind of box planters that you choose should change based on your home and the look you are trying to achieve. A wrought iron planter with colourful flowers will brighten up a white or dark colored home. Wrought iron also works well with brick. You could also choose a plastic planter in a color that would complement your garden and home. Some plastic boxes may not be sturdy enough for your plans for planting, so you may choose to use a heavier metal planter. Aluminum, copper, and wrought iron all make excellent window boxes. If you do choose a metal planter like wrought iron, you will also need to select a liner for the planter. Many gardening experts recommend coconut husks because of their drainage capacity. Most window boxes are made from wood so if you choose this style, then make sure it have sufficient drainage ability.

Before planting in your window box, make sure that you plan out what to plant. Everything planted in the window box needs to have similar sun and moisture requirements. Also make sure that the box is deep enough for the plant’s roots. You will also need to ensure that the box is not overcrowded with plants.

No matter what you decide to plant in your window box, it will be a great addition to your home or garden.

Whiskey Barrel Planters – For The Rustic Touch

Whiskey barrel planters have been popular in the garden for many years. Whiskey barrels have also always been a popular choice for collecting rainwater, which can then be stored and used in time of drought to water your plants and keep your garden looking lush and green.

Reusable Materials

Whiskey planters are an ideal addition to any rustic style garden or outdoor space and make ideal patio planters. They are easy to find and cheap to buy.  Bourbon whiskey barrels cannot be reused, so once the bourbon has been aged and decanted, they are usually sold off at discount, either for use by manufacturers in other countries or to be cut down and made into planters.

You can use your barrel directly as a planter. To increase the life you could try using a whiskey barrel planter liner. A liner is essentially a plastic tub, shaped to fit the barrel, which is then planted with your choice of plants and flowers.  Using a stand is a great idea with a barrel planter because of the weight. With the heavy weight it will be hard to move around so with a stand with wheels you can move it anywhere. If you don’t have a stand be sure to find a permanent spot that will work with your garden and planters.

Barrel planters are most often available in the form of half barrels, although they can be cut in half either across, or lengthwise. If you are looking for a slightly smaller planter with the look of a whiskey barrel, then you can use a reproduction model such as the ”Barrel Log Planter Set,” comprising of three pine barrels of different sizes that have been stained to achieve the appearance of old style rustic barrels.

Purple Clay Planters – Add A Touch Of Color

Purple clay planters are the ideal way to add a vibrant splash of color to your garden and are an especially good way of carrying through your planting color scheme. These planters also look fantastic indoors, where you might consider round planters the ideal container for your favorite house plant.

Your Choices Of Clay Planters

Although at first, when you think about clay planters, the image that springs to mind might be of traditional terra cotta patio planters there are many different kinds. Terra cotta itself comes in various colors, such as the Mexican dust-like brownish orange, red or pinkish purple, while fired clay, or ceramic planters are available in almost any color.

For a subtle hint of purple on an outside wall you might consider purple clay planters that have a double purpose, such as the ”Terracotta Sun & Moon Planter/Thermometer”. This delightful wall planter has a an oval, moon shaped planter area perfect for a trailing plant and is backed by a circular disk of terra cotta clay featuring the sun which is also a thermometer.

For those seeking a more authentic purple, the ”Classico Purple Paisley Planter” is a beautiful round planter in a deep, lilac purple and decorated with a paisley design. This planter is also available in a quilted design and would look fantastic on a planter stand where it would brighten up any corner. These round ”Classico” planters would also look great indoors, either on a table or as a centerpiece.

Bamboo Planters – Add A Touch Of The East

Bamboo planters are ideal for adding an Eastern flavour to your garden design. These are not only decorative; they are functional for both outdoor and indoor use and are an easy way to bring a Far Eastern decorative theme to your home or garden.

A Natural Decoration

Decorative planters made from other materials such as concrete or fiberglass, are available and often can be found to feature bamboo designs. Planters in this style can be a normal planter pot design with a decorative accent in the shape of bamboo, or a lightweight round vinyl planter that is designed to imitate the look of bamboo.

If you are seeking to display a trailing or draping plant, then these are generally shown to their best advantage when planted in hanging planters. Hanging planters are available in a wide range of materials like bamboo. If you are unable to locate a bamboo hanging planter an alterative and very similar style is a wicker or cane planter. These planters are often a more readily available container for plants.

For a large outdoor garden, you may be interested in a selection of bamboo planter boxes. Choosing a square planter box is an ideal way to display a small tree or shrub. Large planter boxes made from bamboo can be used to hold a wide variety of plants, or possible even a small selection of allotment plants such as lettuce or strawberries.

Choosing a garden planter box that comes complete with a built in bamboo trellis provides the ideal container in which to grow a tomato plant.

Outdoor Planters With Free Shipping – The Smart Way To Buy

Outdoor planters with free shipping is ideally one of the main things you should be looking for in your outdoor planter retailer. Many large planters and planter stands weigh quite a considerable amount, and often require specialist lifting equipment to be moved from the store to your home. It is worth asking if your local store or online retailer offers free shipping and discussing any logistics of planter delivery before making your purchase.

Buy Online For Free Shipping

For the best place to shop for free shipping is online. Most online stores offer great deals and free shipping when buying large plastic planters, or outdoor planter stands. Planter stands are a great if you have large heavy planters that need to be moved around occasionally. Online stores also provide you with the widest range of choice on all types of planters and best of all you can shop from the comfort of your own home.

Adding planters to your garden is a simple and effective way to make the most of your outside space. A large planter or shaped container, for example, can be filled with a variety of flowers and plants and is the perfect way to add plant color to a drab backyard. If you are looking for a modern planter, an online store can provide you with the best choice. You can also choose from a wide variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. Best of all, with the touch of a button your chosen planters will be on their way to your home.

Whether it’s plastic planters, ceramic or terra cotta planters, shopping at an online store really does give you the best choice, the best price, and the best shipping offers.

Cherub Urn Planter – Add A Little Romance To Your Garden

Adding a cherub urn planter to your patio, balcony or garden is the perfect container to add a romantic twist to your outdoor space. Of course, your new cherub planter need not be confined to the garden, urns; especially those on displayed on a pedestal are also ideal for use around the home and are a great way to display a large potted plant in the formal living room or dining room.

Your Choice Of Urns

If you are thinking of adding urn garden planters to the home, then a large copper urn with its look of hand hammered copper would make a beautiful addition to a dining or side table. Urn planters always look fantastic when displayed on a pedestal. While many outdoor planters are also suitable for indoor use, if you have thick carpeting, children, and large dogs then fiberglass planters may not be practical as they can be easily knocked over.

Decorative urns can either be used to contain your plants in their original pots, or, in some cases can be planted directly. Planters are available in almost every possible shape, color and finish. Whether you are looking for a black, wrought metal effect, a fibreglass cherub urn on a pedestal, or a modern outdoor bowl shaped urn in cast stone, you will be sure to find the perfect container for your favourite potted plants. Of course, these days neither planters nor urns have to be in the traditional ‘bowl’ shape. There are many different planters and urns that you can choose from and these include the unusual triangular shaped.

Bronze Planters – A Timeless Classic

Bronze planters add an element of classic elegance and style to any garden. Bronze style planters have been admired in gardens for countless generations and with their often-stunning verdigris. Bronze antique planters have always been considered the ultimate in traditional stately garden style.

Getting The Look Without The Cost

Real antique bronze planter urns can be very expensive, with prices at times running into thousands of dollars. British retailer Andrew Crace at the ‘Bronze Collection’ for example, stocks planters, urns and planters in antique bronze.  He also offers a range of stunning bronze Chinese pots in a range of sizes and designs with prices ranging from $700 to around $4200.

For a more affordable alternative however, resin, fiberglass, ceramic or metal planters may be a more accessible choice. Many planter retailers offer a wide range of urns and garden planters in bronze effect finishes. These are available in both planters and stands, and are molded in durable acrylic and resin that looks like real stone and antique bronze, but retail at a fraction of the price.

For an outdoor planter in a modern style but with a look of gleaming bronze patina, try fiberglass planters. These planters are available in a wide range of colors and finishes, from golden bronze and copper to a range of fashion colors such as blues, reds, and greens.

Bronze style planters really are a great way to get the look you want without having to pay the high costs of a real bronze planter.