Ceramic Garden Planters Make Stunning Design Statements

Ceramic planters offer incredibly beautiful colors, textures, and designs to complement the plants they contain, your garden, and your home. It is a type of pottery made from clay fired in a kiln at a high temperature and normally glazed, and you can find charming examples at SimplyPlanters.com. Because this product retains water well, it is not only a great choice for planters, but also for beautiful miniature water gardens suitable for indoors and balconies, as well as for your garden, deck, or patio.

Why Choose Ceramic?

1. Ceramic not only retains moisture, but moisture-loving plants will thrive in a ceramic planter container even if there is no drainage hole. If a plant needs well-drained soil and no drainage hole is provided, place it in a slightly raised plastic pot within the outer container.
2. These planters can withstand freezing temperatures and can winter outdoors, but should be wrapped and moved to a protected area.
3. Because the beautiful designs and textures available in ceramic planters are popular in Asian countries, they lend themselves to gardens with Japanese and Thai themes, and, like, terracotta, are a favorite for tropical and desert plants.
4. Their weight makes large ceramic pots less popular as hanging planters or wall planters but small sizes are safe and easy to use.

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