Concrete Planters – Immovable Formal Elegance Forever

Concrete planters will add a touch of elegance and formality to any garden or space. Have a look around any public park or garden and you will see concrete plant containers. The main reason why is they last forever and are not easily removed. Read on for all you need to know about concrete garden containers.


* Come in big sizes. One of the primary benefits of concrete pots is the fact that they are available in truly enormous sizes, catering for the biggest trees and spaces.

* Huge range of colors. Concrete pots are now available in a wide variety of traditional and modern colors. You definitely won’t have a problem finding a color to match your rendered wall or fence.

* Less prone to theft. The sheer weight of these styles of pots when filled with soil will ensure that no one is going to casually pick one up off your front path and wander off. This makes them the perfect contender for areas, which are easily accessible to passers by. It also makes them a great home for rare or more valuable plantings that may tempt other keen gardeners. Yes, someone may come by in the dead of night with a truck or crane, but we will assume that you or your neighbor’s would probably notice this kind of activity.

* Virtually unbreakable. Concrete is strong. These types of containers are not going to break if you accidentally stumble over them or if one stops a soccer ball. Concrete pots are a great choice for high traffic and high impact zones.

* Weather proof. Concrete pots are excellent choices for those who live in climates that suffer from extremes in temperatures through the course of 24 hours. Concrete containers are also not prone to freezing and splitting in sub zero temperatures, making them a great outdoor choice for those who love in cold winters. Concrete pots are not going to be ruined in the rain and have less chance of blowing over in heavy winds.

* Last forever. Concrete pots are not going to break down over the years the way that some plastics and woods will. These types of pots are never going to be eaten by termites or suffer from wood rot.

* Ideal for large trees and shrubs as the concrete makes for stronger container walls, which can more easily contain larger tree roots.

* Great insulation. Concrete pots are more appropriate for insulating plants, soil, and roots from dramatic changes in the thermometer.


* Not easily relocatable. While this is great for the would be thieves it is not so great if your potted tree needs to come inside for winter, or moved to escape the sun. Do your research first, before planting the tree in its final position. If in doubt, move the planter around the yard empty until you feel it’s in the correct spot. Keep an eye on the sun and sheltering features of the chosen location before loading in the potting mix and the plant.

While trolleys and pot movers can be a great help, they still may not be enough for really large planters. Care should always be taken when trying to lift these containers when full that you are lifting correctly.

* Weight and safety issues. Large concrete planters when filled with soil and plants can literally weigh a ton. This can be a pretty important consideration if you are planning on placing your potted plant on structures that may be not so sturdy. We are thinking of wooden decks, porches, and verandas. Indoors can also be a consideration. Is that floor up to the weight of that pot?

* Porous. Concrete pots may have to be sealed to make the concrete less porous, which will save on the frequency of watering due to evaporation from the soil.


A concrete garden container will add elegance to your garden forever, no matter what the weather. Concrete pots are an ideal selection for high impact zones and those areas, such as driveways and front yards that have easy access for the public. A great selection of concrete pots can be found at this website with just a click of your mouse.