Hanging Planters – Taking Your Garden To The Next Level

Hanging planters, or suspended gardens, are a popular way to add beauty, splashes of color, and interesting backdrops at various heights in your yard or home. Pots, containers, planters or baskets that are suspended from ceilings, walls, overhangs, or trellises.

They must be lightweight but durable enough to support wet soil and full-grown plants; retain moisture with exposure to sun, wind, and the cold on all sides; and be the right size, shape, color, and style to complement the surroundings. Visit our affiliate web site SimplyPlanters.com for a wonderful selection.

What Do You Choose?

1. Pottery (e.g., terracotta) is:
– heavy and should be kept small and hung low:
– porous and should be lined to increase moisture retention
– best used in a shady area to keep planters from drying out too fast as they do in full sun.

2. Hanging planter baskets made of plastic:
– require the least maintenance
– hold water well
– are not too heavy to hang high in awkward spots
– come in white and black and great colors
– are made of (PE) polyethylene or (PVC) polyvinyl chloride

3. Metal baskets are:
– made of such materials as wrought iron
– are lined (e.g., with coconut fiber or coco moss) to keep the soil from washing out
– lightweight and natural looking

4. Half baskets and corner baskets are:
– great for hanging up against walls or on corners

5. Wood is:
– most appropriate in informal settings and is best if rot-resistant (e.g., cedar or redwood)

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