Patio Planters – Helping Create A Transition From Garden To House

Patio planters merge home and garden and can be both functional and decorative. Container outdoor gardens soften the harshness of stone, cement, brick and wood and can be used to provide shade, grow vegetables or herbs for the table, or to produce a profusion of color and greenery to enjoy. Use our web site to shop for appropriate decorative containers for your patio, deck or balcony garden to enhance the beauty of your home.

1. You can cluster patio planters for a creative variation of pleasing shapes – square, round, rectangle, urns – in sizes large and small, and layer heights to give a sense of depth to a small patio, deck, or balcony.
2. Planters can be chosen to help identify a garden theme or coordinate with architectural surroundings such as Oriental, English, Mediterranean, formal, or informal.
3. In addition to placing patio, balcony and deck planters on the floor, you can maximize growing space by hanging planters from or against the wall, or under an overhang or from beams or elevated on railings. If there is a window overlooking the area, you can add a window box as well.
4. Choose patio pots suitable for growing shrubs and small trees, and planters with trellises for vine growth to provide both shade and privacy.
5. Delightful materials add to the overall design of your container gardens, and you can choose planters from made from, for example:
– wood (Knoxville Cedar Planter);
– a metal like wrought iron;
– fiberglass or plastic planters (Cambridge Planter Box); or
– ceramic with a Southern flair (Madison Planter).

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