Plastic Garden Planters – Making Home and Garden Decorating Affordable

Plastic garden planters are always a popular choice as garden containers because there are so many inexpensive, tasteful styles that you can use to beautify your home and garden. Plastic is a synthetic – such as polyethylene (PE) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) – and is a practical choice for planters because it is lightweight, durable, weather resistant, and has conveniently high moisture retention.

Why Choose Plastic Planters?

1. Price is a big factor – plastic is the least expensive material for construction.
2. All sizes and shapes (e.g., troughs, raised planters), designer colors, and styles are available at where you can find a round planter like the Apollo Deck Planter, or a plastic square planter like the Quintana Planter, or, reminiscent of a by-gone day, the Lava Stone Leaf Urn.
3. Plastic holds and retains moisture so well that it cuts down on watering chores and is popular as a liner within planters made of more porous materials (e.g., clay).
4. It is lightweight enough to be used for a window box, a hanging basket, or a railing box, and planters can be moved easily from one location to another.
5. It is strong enough to serve as a trellis or a gardener’s bench, and durable enough to endure temperature changes and inclement weather.

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