Round Planters – All Around Style

Adding round planters to your home or garden is a simple yet stylish way to display your plants. Shallow planters, such as a quarter round planter are ideal for planting smaller plants such as flowers or miniature ferns. These are also ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Recycled containers such half barrels make excellent garden planters and are especially good for planting small trees or shrubs.

A Choice Of Materials

Round Planters, along with oval planters are easier to place than traditional square or rectangular planter boxes as they look good in almost any space. You can pop a circular planter overflowing with colorful flowers in a bare corner, or in front of a railing and it will instantly add a touch of sophistication and beauty to the area. Grouping together wooden tubs of varying sizes and heights and filling them with a selection of plants is an easy way to brighten up an outdoor space. Wooden need not mean rustic, round planter tubs also come in white wood, or if you are seeking a more contemporary look in garden design, you might also consider trying plastic planters.

Plastic planters are an ideal container for use in conservatories or other temperature controlled plant filled areas and make a great stylish statement. Often made from polypropylene, they are available in a wide range of sizes and styles. From gold or chrome effect to faux terracotta they can be used either outdoor or in. For indoor use, why not try a large, shallow circular planter in gold as a table centerpiece or fireplace filler. To hide a drab and empty corner of your living room, try grouping together tall, thin, round containers filled with bamboo for a stylish, contemporary look.

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