Cedar Planters – A Gift From Nature!

Cedar Planters are an excellent choice for any garden. These planter boxes are made from cedar, which is naturally weather resistant and stable.

The Ideal Wood

Gardeners with plans for an organic garden should choose cedar because it is safe for both you and the environment. Because cedar is a resilient wood that is naturally weather and water resistant, it does not need to be chemically treated for outside use. Organically, cedar will resist rotting or cracking like other woods. This makes cedar an excellent choice for any of your garden or outside needs. You can use cedar in your planters, boxes, your deck, patio furniture, or outside railings and lattices. Cedar is also lightweight enough to be used in hanging planters.

A cedar planter box is ideal for extreme climates – whether hot or cold. Unlike garden planters and patio planters made from other materials, cedar planters will insulate your soil and the plant’s roots from the climate changes. This is why cedar boxes have been used in trunks and blanket boxes. This will also protect you and your family from being burned by the sun if you use cedar in your deck or patio furniture. These planters also have an odor that is pleasant to humans but unpleasant to insects. This makes cedar an organic insect repellant – perfect for gardeners that want to avoid using chemical pesticides.

Cedar is the ideal wood for any gardener that is looking for a long-lasting patio and garden. A cedar deck is an ideal way to keep you and your family safe and cedar style planters are an ideal way to keep your plants safe.

Copper Planters – Let Your Garden Shine!

Are you looking to add a little extra shine to your garden or your home? Then copper planters are exactly what you are looking for.

All About Copper

Planters made from copper are a great way to add a little extra shine and festivity to any garden or patio. You could even get a copper window planter and add some sparkle to your view. Copper window planters look great from the outside and the inside. The ornamental look of copper also makes them great decorative patio planters.

But copper doesn’t just add a great spark to your garden – it also makes for an excellent planter. Copper is durable and not prone to rust as much as other metal planters, so you won’t have to worry about replacing the containers very often. When copper does age, it obtains an antique feel that can add extra character to your garden. Copper style planters also come in a large variety of sizes – from small containers to large rectangular containers.

Because of its weight and sturdiness, copper is an ideal choice as a large container. It is a great choice for larger plants or small trees, because the weight of the metal will keep the pot from tipping over. This is especially important if you plan on keeping your large plants inside and these planters can also look very decorative.

The reddish brown shine of copper looks especially great with green plants. The color contrast creates an automatically standout look that is sure to get you garden or home some extra attention.

Modern Outdoor Planters – For The Contemporary Garden

Modern outdoor planters are the perfect way to add a stylish and decorative finishing touch to your patio or garden. Modern style outdoor planters come in many shapes and sizes and are suitable for all weather outdoor use.

Choosing Your Planters

If you are thinking of buying large modern planters for your outdoor space then you will want to ask your local planter outlet or the online store you are buying from about shipping and delivery options. Many large outdoor planters can be very heavy and difficult to transport but an increasing number of outlets do now offer free shipping.

If you are thinking of choosing modern patio planters you might like to consider a circular, gleaming steel planter which is compact and relatively low to the ground. These look fantastic filled with white stones and planted with a tall shrub. A row of these silver toned modern style outdoor planters would look especially good along an exterior wall.

Plastic planters are also a good choice for outside areas, and are available in a wide range of colors and finishes. As plastic planters are relatively inexpensive, these are an excellent way to create an up to date style on a budget.

For a large garden, why not try the current trend of installing large, low planters such as a fiberglass flower bowl style planter. They are available in a dazzling array of colors and will add a decorative hint to the outdoor area without distracting from the overall look or profile of the garden. Try filling a very large one either with seasonal flowers and trailing plants or with a selection of stones and cacti for an ultra modern look.

Hanging Tomato Planters – The Space Saving Solution

Hanging tomato planters are the ideal solution for anyone who loves the idea of growing their own tomatoes but is worried about lack of space. Choosing space-saving hanging style planters allows you to grow your own delicious tomato crop in your own house, apartment or on your balcony, without having to sacrifice a large amount of space.

The Space Saving Choices

Normal tomato planters rely on your tomatoes being grown in a planter, with the vines reaching upwards, tied to either bamboo canes or a trellis for added support. Often these planters will rest on low tables in order to give the tomato vines room to grow. This will not only take up space but also requires regular weeding.

Hanging planters, on the other hand allow you to grow your tomatoes without the need for planter trays, canes or trellis and eliminate the need for weeding. Upside-down planters are an excellent idea and come in many different materials.

The ”Topsy Turvy Planter” is a on such design and is very similar to a basket that hands upside down. The roots of the tomato plant are contained in the bottle shaped container while the tomato-laden vines grow downwards. This means that this innovative method takes up no more room than a regular hanging basket.

For those with a little more space, such as a balcony or patio area, then there are free standing patio planters that are also designed to grow your vegetables in a downward position. Whatever you choose for your vegetable growing needs, remember no matter how small an area you have there are tomato planters to suit you.

Terra Cotta Planters – A Tried and True Favorite!

Terra cotta planters are the king of the garden planters. There are a lot of reasons that these orange clay style containers have remained a favorite among gardeners.

The Champion of Garden Planters

The terra cotter planter is believed to be used more than any of the other kinds of garden planters. A terra cotta style planter is a waterproof container that can be used for any kind of plant. Their waterproof nature keeps moisture out and protects the plants from rot or bacterial growth.

When selecting one of these planters for your garden, be sure that you inspect it for any cracks. You will also need to soak the container overnight before using in it. This will moisturize the clay and it is also beneficial to your soil.

Terra cotta style planters are known to be sturdy, but they can also be susceptible to climate changes. You should only leave these planters outside during temperate weather.

As this style of planter is very popular, things such as painting your planter is a great way to make them unique. They can also be designed to match the color scheme of your house or garden. For example, you may want to grow herbs, why don’t you paint the containers with the name of the herb you are planting in it? These would make colorful patio planters. Painting your terra cotta will also reduce the signs of aging that can affect a weathered container.

No matter what you decide to do with your terra cotta style planters, they will make a great addition to your garden!

Whiskey Barrel Planters – For The Rustic Touch

Whiskey barrel planters have been popular in the garden for many years. Whiskey barrels have also always been a popular choice for collecting rainwater, which can then be stored and used in time of drought to water your plants and keep your garden looking lush and green.

Reusable Materials

Whiskey planters are an ideal addition to any rustic style garden or outdoor space and make ideal patio planters. They are easy to find and cheap to buy.  Bourbon whiskey barrels cannot be reused, so once the bourbon has been aged and decanted, they are usually sold off at discount, either for use by manufacturers in other countries or to be cut down and made into planters.

You can use your barrel directly as a planter. To increase the life you could try using a whiskey barrel planter liner. A liner is essentially a plastic tub, shaped to fit the barrel, which is then planted with your choice of plants and flowers.  Using a stand is a great idea with a barrel planter because of the weight. With the heavy weight it will be hard to move around so with a stand with wheels you can move it anywhere. If you don’t have a stand be sure to find a permanent spot that will work with your garden and planters.

Barrel planters are most often available in the form of half barrels, although they can be cut in half either across, or lengthwise. If you are looking for a slightly smaller planter with the look of a whiskey barrel, then you can use a reproduction model such as the ”Barrel Log Planter Set,” comprising of three pine barrels of different sizes that have been stained to achieve the appearance of old style rustic barrels.

Purple Clay Planters – Add A Touch Of Color

Purple clay planters are the ideal way to add a vibrant splash of color to your garden and are an especially good way of carrying through your planting color scheme. These planters also look fantastic indoors, where you might consider round planters the ideal container for your favorite house plant.

Your Choices Of Clay Planters

Although at first, when you think about clay planters, the image that springs to mind might be of traditional terra cotta patio planters there are many different kinds. Terra cotta itself comes in various colors, such as the Mexican dust-like brownish orange, red or pinkish purple, while fired clay, or ceramic planters are available in almost any color.

For a subtle hint of purple on an outside wall you might consider purple clay planters that have a double purpose, such as the ”Terracotta Sun & Moon Planter/Thermometer”. This delightful wall planter has a an oval, moon shaped planter area perfect for a trailing plant and is backed by a circular disk of terra cotta clay featuring the sun which is also a thermometer.

For those seeking a more authentic purple, the ”Classico Purple Paisley Planter” is a beautiful round planter in a deep, lilac purple and decorated with a paisley design. This planter is also available in a quilted design and would look fantastic on a planter stand where it would brighten up any corner. These round ”Classico” planters would also look great indoors, either on a table or as a centerpiece.