Trellis Planter – Climbing To New Heights!

The trellis planter is an exciting mix of the everyday planter and a lovely garden trellis. You can use the planter trellis in a variety of ways, making your garden climb to new heights.

More Than Just A Wall

A planter with a trellis is a modern twist on the traditional trellis. This one-stop planter allows you to plant your climbers in the base box container at the bottom and then watch them grow up the lattices of the trellis. Even if the planter trellis wasn’t a part of your initial plans for your garden, it can be a great choice for filling any empty spaces. In fact, the elegant trellis is the perfect addition to any garden, deck, or patio.

The planter trellis can be purchased in plastic or wood. Plastic garden planters are a great choice because these planters stay in the garden all year long. The plastic will ensure that the trellis does not rust or rot, endangering your plants.

No matter what the individual plans for your yard, garden, or patio are, a planter with trellis can be a great addition. You can use it to grow shade-giving plants that will make your patio cooler. You can line them up for lovely natural fencing to add privacy to your yard. Some trellises come in arch shapes, giving your yard an elegant entry way.

Imagine being greeted into your yard by a colorful archway with fragrant roses or tulips.

The trellis style of planter offers a unique way to add shade, privacy, or elegance to your garden.

They can add an extra burst of beauty by displaying your climbing plants. The trellis style planter is great addition to any garden.