Planter Liners – Make Your Planters Last Longer

Planter liners are the ideal way to ensure that the planter you have painstakingly chosen for your garden lasts as long as possible. In cold weather, the soil used in your planters contracts and expands. Over time, if your planter boxes are not protected, this expansion and contraction can lead to cracks and unnecessary wear and tear.

Defeating The Cold Weather With A Planter Liner

Choosing to plant your flowers in secondary plastic containers, otherwise known as liners enables you to avoid this problem.  The liner helps to absorb any possible damage from cold weather and prevents damage to your pots.

Outdoor wooden containers and planters, such as antique whiskey barrel planters also suffer from this form of weather damage.  This can eventually lead to the wood warping. You will find however that a whiskey barrel planter liner will help to minimise any such damage.

The majority of liners tend to be made from plastic although there are liners available in steel, copper and other metals. These liners are sold at most garden centers and nurseries and are well worth investing in if you are buying garden planters.

If you are looking to buy a new planter box or container, then you will probably discover that a great many of the more decorative planters actually come complete with their own liners. These liners are usually removable for easy cleaning before planting. If you are replacing a dead plant you should always ensure that the liner is removed and cleaned before reusing your planter.

Whiskey Barrel Planters – For The Rustic Touch

Whiskey barrel planters have been popular in the garden for many years. Whiskey barrels have also always been a popular choice for collecting rainwater, which can then be stored and used in time of drought to water your plants and keep your garden looking lush and green.

Reusable Materials

Whiskey planters are an ideal addition to any rustic style garden or outdoor space and make ideal patio planters. They are easy to find and cheap to buy.  Bourbon whiskey barrels cannot be reused, so once the bourbon has been aged and decanted, they are usually sold off at discount, either for use by manufacturers in other countries or to be cut down and made into planters.

You can use your barrel directly as a planter. To increase the life you could try using a whiskey barrel planter liner. A liner is essentially a plastic tub, shaped to fit the barrel, which is then planted with your choice of plants and flowers.  Using a stand is a great idea with a barrel planter because of the weight. With the heavy weight it will be hard to move around so with a stand with wheels you can move it anywhere. If you don’t have a stand be sure to find a permanent spot that will work with your garden and planters.

Barrel planters are most often available in the form of half barrels, although they can be cut in half either across, or lengthwise. If you are looking for a slightly smaller planter with the look of a whiskey barrel, then you can use a reproduction model such as the ”Barrel Log Planter Set,” comprising of three pine barrels of different sizes that have been stained to achieve the appearance of old style rustic barrels.