Teak Planters – A Lifetime Of Low Maintenance

Container gardening is meant to be easier gardening and lower maintenance. For these reasons alone teak planters are extremely popular around the globe. Why? The durability of teak. In fact, teak is so hardy and impervious to water and bad weather, that it is often used to build boats. This makes it an ideal selection as a garden container since most gardeners are looking for less yard work and not more. Read on for more information on planters made from teak.


* Weather proof. Who wants to be having to move their planters indoors or into the shed at the first sign of cold or rainy weather? Let’s not forget those planters are pretty heavy when full of soil and plants. Teak is pretty much impervious to freezing conditions and the rain. You won’t be stepping out after a cold snap to find these planters cracked or split.

* Rot, moisture and parasite resistant. The very high oil content of teak means that it is much less prone to rot, and much more resistant to parasites and moisture than many other woods used for the great outdoors.

* Impervious to harsh coastal conditions. Salt spray, winds, rains, and harsh weather extremes, including hot and cold, will not damage these planters, after all, it’s wood favored by boat builders.

* Easy to clean. Teak left outdoors will only require minimal cleaning annually to remove residue dirt and dust. Simply use a gentle wood cleaner diluted in water with a gentle scrubbing brush. Grease spots can be easily removed with any degreasing agent and a soft brush or cloth.

* Doesn’t need painting or varnishing. Over time, teak will change in color from the golden color initially to the famous silver grey of an aged and weathered teak. Any gardeners who prefer the early golden color can use a teak sealer on the planters to maintain the initial color. If you plan on doing this it is important that you use a non-toxic agent. It is also a great idea to do this early on in the life of the planter to maintain the original color. Any sealing of these planters should ideally be performed in the cooler months.

* No need to line the planters with plastic, as so many other softer wooden planters require. These planters are not going to rot or splinter.

* When teak comes into contact with metal, let’s think nails and screws, it is able to protect the nails from rusting. Those planters are just determined to not fall apart.

* Available in a wide variety of styles and sizes. These planters are available for placing on window sills, railings, or indoors and outdoors. Shapes range from square, rectangular, and hexagonal, to triangular items suited for corners. Due to the extremely high oil content, and the very dense nature of this hardwood, teak plant containers can be placed straight on the ground.


* Dark stripes in brand new teak furniture can occur as a result of the drying process of the kilns, or ovens. Once your planters see the sun these stripes will disappear.

* Small cracks can occasionally appear in teak furniture. This is nothing to worry about and will not affect the longevity of the item. These cracks are caused by the teak responding to varied weather conditions and associated water content in the air. The living wood responds to the changes in the moisture levels, by revealing tiny cracks in the ends of the wood. These will disappear when the weather changes.

* Ageing. Over time teak changes its color from the warm golden tones to the famously silvery greys. This is a natural part of the teak’s ageing and can be prevented with the application of a teak sealer early on in the life cycle.


Those gardeners seeking wooden plant containers that are low maintenance and resistant to weather, parasites, wet, and rot. will find teak planter boxes tick all the right boxes. Brighten up your yard or deck with planters that are easy to care for and will last a lifetime. Check this website for a great selection of teak containers at competitive prices.