Wooden Garden Planters – Rustic, Tropical, Vintage and Beautiful

Wooden garden planters are extremely versatile and will look great in any kind of home or yard. Wooden plant containers are fantastic for creating a variety of themes in a garden or on a deck. These containers are ideal for most setting.


* Many styles. Planters constructed from wood are available in a huge range of styles, shapes, and sizes. Whether you are after a container for your railing or windowsill, planters on legs, or something more rustic, which looks like it, has come from a farm, there will be a design for you.

* Suit many decors from rustic to tropical, from modern to antique. For a rustic look, settle for natural stains and browns. Tropical settings look fantastic with woods painted whites.

* Can be painted any color you desire. Better still, when you want a change of color, you just have to get the paint brush out and presto, a new planter.

* Can be stained. If you favor the wood look over a painted finish, you will be able to varnish the container whatever stain you prefer. It is a great idea to ensure that you use stains that are not toxic.

* Strong. Wood planters are going to be more practical for high traffic areas, and high impact zones where children may be playing with bikes, skates and balls.

* Light weight. Wooden plant containers do tend to be light weight for their size when empty, as compared to concrete.

* Blend in. It goes without saying that plants and wood go hand in hand. If you are seeking a subtle statement, then wooden planters are probably the way to go.

* Last well. Unlike plastic pots, wood pots will not break down in the sun and hot weather.

* Appropriate for colder climates. Wood planters will not crack or split when the thermometer drops to freezing. Woods are able to expand and contract with destroying the whole container. If you live in a very cold climate, wooden planters will be easier for you to look out for than terracotta planters.

* Require little maintenance over the years.

* Look great with other wooden structures like trellises, pergolas, decks, and garden benches.

* Recyclable.

* Environmentally friendly when made from recycled woods and forest friendly woods.

* Insulation. Wood plant containers do a great job of insulating potting mix and plant roots on hot summer days.

* Wooden planters lie between plastic pots and terracotta planters for porosity. This means they do not absorb as much water as terracotta, but lose more than plastic. So plants in wood require more watering than plastic containers, but less than clay.


* Termites. If your yard or property is subject to termites, you may want to treat your planters before providing the critters with another meal.

* Rot. Untreated and unpainted wooden planters will start to deteriorate over time. The exceptions to this are teak, redwood and cedar, as they are more resistant to rotting.

* Water. Wooden garden planters will do best when lined with a plastic bag before adding the potting mix. This will help to prevent wet soil sitting up against the wooden container. It is important if you do this to ensure that the plastic bag has holes in the bottom of the bag to allow for adequate drainage. Alternatively, place plants in plastic pots inside the planter.

* Some woods do better than others. Planters that are made of cypress, cedar, teak, or redwood will last longer as these are harder woods. These woods are much less susceptible to rotting than softer woods.

* Heavy when planted. Although planters constructed from wood are relatively light when empty, when they are full of soil, the weight can be substantial. This may be a consideration if you are planning an over-sized wooden construction for your windowsill. Use your common sense. If the container looks too heavy for the railing or sill, then perhaps you should add additional support, or opt for a smaller container.

* Pests. Bugs and carpenter ants, along with the aforementioned termites, can and do like to live in wood constructed planters.


Garden planters made from wood can add a variety of atmospheres to your yard and deck. Traditional elegance, lushly tropical, and naturally rustic, are all looks that can be achieved with the use of wood planters. For excellent wood inspirations for your yard or deck, check out …………………… Transform your garden now.