Wooden Planter Boxes – Great All Weather Plants

Wooden planter boxes are the ideal choice for any plant lover who is seeking to invest in garden planters as a way of making their garden or other outdoor space beautiful.

They are also ideal for those who wish to avoid the temperature damage to both plants and boxes that can affect planters made from other materials.

Wooden Means Less Damage

As most gardeners know, with terracotta, damage occurs due to the expansion and contraction of soil, which eventually leads to fractures in the planter itself. Wooden planter boxes on the other hand, are ideal all weather plant containers as the wood contracts and expands, meaning that this problem does not arise. Wooden planters are also excellent insulators for your plants, ensuring that your favorite plants and shrubs have a better chance of making it through the harsh winter alive. The insulating effect of wood is why so many people who add a window box planter into their garden designs choose the window box to be made of wood.

Of course, wooden planters are not just the practical choice; they are also a versatile and stylish addition to your garden design plans. Wooden boxes, especially those used as window boxes could be painted white, left as natural varnished wood, or given a weathered, distressed feel, depending on the style of the house, and the type of garden you choose.

Planter boxes come in many different shapes and sizes, the smaller rectangular or square kinds are perfect for attaching to windows, balconies or nailing to a trading post and filling with colorful plants and flowers. For larger outdoor spaces, why not try adding rustic distressed looking wooden barrels “Barrel Log Planter Set” that add a sophisticated touch to any outdoor space, as they look spectacular in groups of threes and are perfect for displaying small shrubs.

Another option for adding beauty to your yard is by choosing one of the best selling wooden planter boxes at SimplyPlanters.com. A wooden garden planter will last for years and will add beauty and elegance to any garden, home or patio.